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I’ve been pondering this a lot lately, but in the end I think I won’t give up expressing myself in English, although it might be perceived as snobbery or even worse, a lack of authenticity, maybe because especially lately I am all about jazz and jazz is an American art. And anyway my English is so bloody good :P. And my blog is not local, nor I have ever been anything less than cosmopolitan. I rest my case.
I was re-watching Jerry Maguire on a Sunday evening in my hometown and laughed again at the scenes with the jazz addict/”child technician” and I must admit I haven’t listened to that Miles Davis & John Coltrane album yet, shame on me. It sounded damn’ good, I am tantalized.
During these crawling gloomy days I feel „strangely fine”, like Semisonic ;). Inspired, secure, powerful.
I dance to Song For My Father which was written in Flora Purim’s presence. That fabulous singer has got the most wondrous stories