Are there guardian angels for fallen angels that roam the Earth? I am not speaking about heavenly angels, but the divine ones belonging to arts, to beauty. If there is an angelic hyerarchy for music, then you are a fallen archangel, for you are dyonisiac, still, my errant one. Where would I be there, as your guardian angel? Would I be among the fallen ones? Or among the heavenly, for I am apollinic… My place there is still to be filled. Would I be there, carrying a swan feather near my heart? A swan feather, for eventually I will sing, with my bluesiest voice, and all the trained mortal voices won’t surpass my mastery… A swan feather, dripping with red ink…
You were looking at me from the mirror, so sad, so young, such a mild expression. There you were, my fallen archangel from the Holly Land, with a saudade/Sehnsucht/dor in your Tatar eyes that I so love. Black as peppers, they were caressing me from a distance. I passed you by, inhaling your sweet scent, and my anger was there, blowing from the speakers, escaping through the window.
Until I turned into who I really was, the forgiving bohemian messy urbanite, who constantly adored you beyond reason.
And that would be all, my errant one.