Writer, designer, painter, musician, dancer that doesn’t perform, doesn’t exhibit, doesn’t publish but every now and then errant thoughts on two blogs. Barren time, just like my womb.
Time is irrelevant, anyway.
Space is sometimes relevant, like now, when I feel I don’t belong in this cubicle. Or in the other one, for that matter. Brazilian grooves won’t get me out of this state of mind now, dark, but I need it.
What is truly relevant, my few tormented friends, is your level of vibration. Make your chakras swirl faster and faster, destroy all the yukiness around you just like alfa rays, use anything for this higher purpose. Your high vibes will get you to the right place, meet the right people, make you do the right thing. There’s no other one responsible for your level of vibration but you.
May you forever be connected to that neverending source of high energy. You have my love.