Iacătă-mă încercând să îi picur apă pe bot, după cum m-a îndemnat Eli (care m-a și pozat). Era însă prea târziu, bietul șobo pierise cu câteva secunde înainte.

10 reasons why we should love bats:

1. Bats are natural insecticides.
2. Bats NEVER tangle in our hair.
3. Bats give old cities mistery and new cities a coat-of-arms.
4. Their flight on the night sky is swift and fascinating.
5. Their „left-overs” are highly prized flower fertilizers.
6. Bats are the only mammals that grew wings.
7. Their wings are exquisite.
8. Bats have a totally unjust bad reputation and image of vampires. Only one species in South America is actually a vampire. NOT a lethal one.
9. Bats are nowadays endangered species.
10. Bats are cool spooky symbols!