„Saturday 25th November 2006, starting at 20.30, Urma will present to the public the new album Trend Off, which was recorded entirely during this summer at Amps Factory, in Freiburg, Germany.
The audition will take place at Orange Concept Store, located on Calea Victoriei 41, Bucharest.
Considering that http://www.urma-forum.com community is celebrating this month one year of existence, the band decided to present officially this new album, in an event that will include the audition of all three albums signed by the band since 2003, video sessions and special surprises prepared for those interested in Urma’s journey.
The event was created by Catapulta Records in association with Orange Concept Store, the main supporter of this presentation.
There will be no entrance fee, as the entire location, designed on a three floor deck plan which includes several presentation rooms, a café bar with live music, theatre performances and video projections is reserved on Saturday night exclusively for Urma’s fans.”
Intenţionasem să povestesc de mai demult despre trupa asta, de care am auzit doar de vreo două luni dar care s-a instalat rapid printre preferatele mele. Atât doar că vocalului, care îmi aminteşte de cel de la Pearl Jam, nu i-ar strica nişte lecţii de dicţie. Pur şi simplu uneori nu îşi deschide gura suficient ca să se poată desluşi versurile. (I mean, what a hell is „olovmosolf”?)